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symtom asked: Do u know if there will be season2?

I don’t think so, no. :(

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tttrond asked: hey, do you know where can i download the episodes of the outs? i get tired of waiting the online episode to play.. my wifi connection is rly rly bad sometimes :x

I think they only offered downloads to people who donated for the WTI kickstarter but as that’s no longer going, I don’t know. I’d suggest asking

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wtishow asked: Hey there! Just wanted to say we absolutely LOVE all of your gifs, screen-caps, and everything you've done for The Outs and our brand new series, Whatever This Is.! Thanks for being awesome, and take it good one :) - The WTI. Team

This just made my day! Thank YOU for The Outs, I can’t wait to see the new show. :)

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Anonymous asked: Hey! FYI although they can't sell The Outs on DVD, they just announced that they'll be offering it on digital download as a perk for pitching in $30 to support their new project. I can't include a link bc of tumblr, but google "whatever this is kickstarter"
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The creators of The Outs have a new show in the works, Whatever This Is and their Kickstarted just posted today. Kick in a few shekels and support these amazing actors, writers, directors, and production crew.

ABOUT THE SHOW: “Sam and Ari are scraping by working on low or unpaid video production gigs thrown their way by Oscar (Ross Hamman), an existentially grumpy middle-man at a small production company. Making rent is hard enough; they barely have time to sneak toward their personal goals and personal lives in their off-hours.

Lisa is a teacher and therefore unemployed for the summer. A chance encounter puts her on the road to a possible summer job, but she’s not sure where it could lead - or if she’s even qualified.

Whatever this is. asks a tough question: how long are you expected to do work that you hate, for pennies, until it becomes something that you love that pays the rent? Is it even possible?”






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yeezusofsuburbia-deactivated201 asked: Any plans on releasing The Outs on dvd/online download/etc? I'd buy it in a heartbeat

I’m going to quote Adam here:

"Unfortunately the DVD issue is a tricky one. Generally we were super conscientious about only using material we could legally work with - that is, music by bands we know and like, etc.. There are a few exceptions, though - mostly in Moon River. You’ve got the Pretty Woman footage, Cher’s incredible West Side Story, and finally Paul Anka’s cover of Moon River, none of which we own, sadly. As a result, releasing the show for sale would be a bit of a challenge. We don’t want to step on anyone’s toes." Reddit Q&A

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basuraprince asked: Hi sorry to bother you, but I was just curious what font you use on your gifs?

Calibri and Myriad Pro

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dylanobrat asked: This isn't really a question, it's just that I've been dying to point out how amazing Mitchell's cardigan in episode 7 is, and also kind of bittersweet cause Jack and him were still in love back then and he was "wearing his heart on his sleeve" and- idk I loved it. Also, lovely blog! :)

Oh man, I didn’t even notice! That’s sorta perfect, thanks for pointing it out. :)

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scumbag-jacob asked: i think its nice on what your doing with this blog, its great! its i'm sure in no time the people who made the show will post your blog on there facebook page if they havent already lol

Aw, thanks. It’s enough to me that they know this blog exists. :)

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